Khadi and Village Industries Commissions

Badlao Foundation's Endeavors

Empowering Rural Communities through Khadi and Village Industries

Badlao Foundation takes immense pride in its Khadi and village industries unit, which encompasses six spinning and weaving centers. Through our Rural Employment Generation program, we have trained and empowered approximately 24 beneficiaries from April 2006 to March 2007. As a result of our efforts, we have successfully created regular self-employment opportunities for 17 individuals.

Khadi, a fabric closely associated with Mahatma Gandhi and the Swadeshi movement, holds a significant place in our history. It represents more than just a type of dress material; it embodies an idea of development and social progress. Khadi refers to handspun and handwoven cloth. In 1918, Mahatma Gandhi initiated the Khadi movement as a means of providing relief to the impoverished masses residing in India's villages. Gandhi envisioned it as a path towards self-sufficiency, liberating the nation from its reliance on foreign materials and symbolizing true independence.

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The Khadi and Village Industries Commission operates with the broad objectives of generating employment opportunities, producing marketable goods, and fostering self-reliance among the people while building robust rural communities.

As part of our commitment to these objectives, Badlao Foundation has established four outlets: Khadi grmauddyog Bhavan Mihijam, Khadi bhandar Jamtara, Khadi emporium amladahi, and Khadi gramudhyog Bhavan Ranchi. Additionally, we operate two manufacturing units, one in Kewarjali and another in Rajbari, Mihijam. Our Kewarjali unit focuses on the production of raw materials, while Rajbari serves as a center for the manufacturing of various Khadi garments.

Through our Khadi and village industries initiatives, Badlao Foundation strives to revitalize traditional craftsmanship, promote self-employment, and contribute to the sustainable economic development of rural communities. By embracing Khadi, we not only honor our heritage but also create opportunities for individuals to thrive while preserving our cultural legacy.