Uniting for Change

Ever since our inception in 1982, at Badlao, we understand the significance of collective efforts. This journey is not solitary; it thrives on collaboration, shared ideas, and the passion of individuals and organizations alike. Our vision, audacious and transformative, relies on the unity of those who resonate with our values. Together, we wield the power to catalyze a remarkable transformation in rural India.


Empower Change

Join the movement for transformation Are you driven by a passion for enhancing education, healthcare, sanitation, fostering gender equality, or creating sustainable livelihoods? You have the opportunity to contribute to the growth and prosperity of 'stranded India' through various channels. Be a catalyst for positive change today



Play a role in daily advancements Are you fueled by a desire to address the disparities in rural India? Do you possess the adaptability and perseverance to navigate the landscape of rural development? If you aspire to be hands-on, absorb knowledge, and spearhead change where it's most impactful, join us on this transformative journey


 Step into the world of development as part of our upcoming intern cohort. Reach out to us at, sharing your CV and a cover letter. Introduce yourself, highlight your experiences and skills, and express your passion for a specific area of development.

Envision yourself as part of a dynamic team of practitioners, strategists, and specialists dedicated to designing locally relevant and scalable development solutions. If you share our commitment, explore our current job openings and apply today.”